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What is the ESSA about?

The East Sussex Seniors’ Association (ESSA) is an independent organisation which gives a collective voice to the over fifties of East Sussex, helping them to influence decision-makers on issues which impact their everyday lives.

ESSA is strictly non party-political, and will work with anybody, including members of political parties, to the benefit of all Seniors and to further the aims and objectives of the members.

Forums are run by older people for older people, all members are volunteers.

All people over fifty are welcome to join regardless of ethnic backgrounds, disability or sexuality, religious, cultural or political beliefs.

What is it for?
ESSA decides its own agenda and takes up issues at county level as well as working with other seniors’ forums in East Sussex, promoting ‘The Voice of Older People’ at regional and national levels.

Its aim is to encourage older people to share their views and raise concerns so that their voice will be heard in the planning and provision of services and facilities locally, regionally and nationally.

How does it work?
The Association is valuable to the residents of East Sussex, because as it grows in membership, it will influence the local authority and others.

This enables the Forums to get involved in planning and reviewing matters, thus setting up a two-way flow of information, thus benefiting the community.

What ELSE?
Forums look to develop friendships and relationships that help break down social isolation. It also provides older people with an avenue to continue to use their skills and encourage them to develop further. A forum is also very useful for circulating information more widely.

What concerns you?
The main aim of ESSA is to enable the collective County voice of the over 50s to influence issues that affect them and know that through ESSA and the seven forums they will be heard.

How much does it cost?
Membership of Seniors Forum is free to anyone aged fifty plus who lives or works in East Sussex.

Will you join us?
To join and become a member of a Seniors’ Forum, just click on one of the logos in the left column, that’s nearest to where you live, to go to their web site. Find their membership page and follow the instructions.

Our Constitution
To read our full constitution just cllick here.

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