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Health and Social Care


Health and Community Care Theme Group

With the creation of East Sussex Seniors’ Association, it was agreed that theme groups should be established that had specific interests that reflected the nature of the group.

The Health and Community Care Theme Group was established with the essential aim of seeking to improve the quality of life for older people in East Sussex in relation to Health and Adult Social Care matters.

The Group is made up of two representatives from each of the eight forums that belong to ESSA. The Group has its own agreed constitution. It has direct links to both Health and Adult Social Care Departments that apply to East Sussex.

The Group meets once in every two months. It can invite guest speakers relating to the needs at any one time. This enables the Group to keep abreast of developments and changes that are applicable to the Group.

There is a regular input from Health and Adult Social Care Departments. Every six months we are able to have dialogue with the Director of Adult Social Care in East Sussex.

The Group is serviced by Adult Social Care of East Sussex. Minutes of meetings are prepared together with a digest of the meetings. These are sent to the Chairs of each of the Forums that make up ESSA.

The Group negotiated a special rate for every member who wishes to use Lifeline. This is especially valuable to those who live alone. We have just received the sum of £10,000.00 from the East Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group as recognition for the contribution that the Group has been making regarding health and community care for its members.