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Age UK: Update July 2013

Information and advice update
We all love the warm summer months but it’s really important to be ready for the summer heat as it can catch you by surprise, and sometimes temperatures can soar unexpectedly as early as April.In this issue we highlight our free information guide Staying cool in a heatwave, which provides tips on how to spot heat related illness, what to do when someone shows signs of it, and much more.

We’re also featuring guides that have recently been updated – BereavementHousing optionsand When someone dies.

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Age UK Information Team

This month’s top guides:
Staying cool in a heatwave
Housing options
When someone dies
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This month’s top guides
Staying cool in a heatwave
Download this guide to find out how to protect yourself when temperatures rise. You will also find out how to protect yourself from the heat, how to recognise heat-related illness, and what to do when someone shows signs.
› Download ‘Staying cool in a heatwave’ (PDF)
Housing options
This guide looks at the different types of housing options available, including moving in with family, moving into sheltered housing or a care home, and other types of suitable housing.
› Download ‘Housing options’ (PDF)
If you or someone close has suffered a bereavement, this guide offers practical information and advice on support after a death. It looks at the range of emotions people experience, adjusting to the death, and looking to the future.
› Download ‘Bereavement’ (PDF)
When someone dies
There are many things to do when someone dies, at a time when we often feel least able to manage. This step-by-step guide provides information and advice about what to do and where to go for help and advice.
› Download ‘When someone dies’ (PDF)
Factsheets update
There is a new Factsheet Index and Amendment Sheet AM097 which can be found
The following factsheets have had an annual review this month:
FS44 NHS services
FS49 The Social Fund, Advances of Benefit and Local Welfare Provision
FS56 Benefits under State Pension age
FS61 Help with health costs
FS66 Resolving problems and making a complaint about NHS service
FS68 Tenants’ rights – security of tenure
FS83 The Equality Act 2013: further and higher education
The following factsheet has amendments this month:
FS41 Local authority assessment for community care services
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