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Focus Group reports

Following the CQC focus group on 18th June we are delighted to share with our Health and Social Care network two reports from the day.

The first is a comprehensive reference document and includes full notes from all of the activities, and the second a shorter, 4-page summary of outcomes and observations.  This is intended for circulation among your colleagues and networks (as well as your own quick reference!).

An Easy Read version is to be circulated shortly

A reminder that the CQC PowerPoint presentations from the day are accessible via our website.

Read the full report
Read the summary report

CQC consultation

As a follow-up to the focus group, RAISE is coordinating a response to CQC’s consultation ‘A new start: consultation on changes to the way CQC regulates, inspects and monitor care’.  We have selected those questions which we feel to be most relevant to the focus group discussions and written a briefing paper.  Here we wish to invite you to contribute to a joint consultation response.

The six questions we propose to respond to are:

  • What do you think about the overall changes we are making to how we regulate? What do you like about them? Do you have any concerns?
  • Do you agree with our definitions of the five questions we will ask about quality and safety (is the service safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led)?
  • Do you think any of the areas in the draft fundamentals of care above should not be included?
  • Do you think there are additional areas that should be fundamentals of care?
  • Are the fundamentals of care expressed in a way that makes it clear whether they have been broken?
  • Do the draft fundamentals of care feel relevant to all groups of people and settings?

To contribute to this coordinated response, please feedback to RAISE VIA EMAIL by close of play Wednesday 7th August so that we can ensure timely submission.  If you would like to take part in a telephone survey to discus your views on the proposal, please contact to arrange.

Please do circulate this information via your networks.  To respond directly to CQC, including responses to other questions relating to the inspection of acute hospitals, the deadline is Monday 12th August.

Read the RAISE consultation briefing
Read the full CQC consultation, including a range of documents in a variety of formats

Getting to know CQC

Accessible formats
Did you know that the CQC provides a variety of information in accessible formats?  You can find out what they do and how they do it in Easy Read, large print, alternative languages audio and BSL video.

Click here to access the different formats.

Why feedback to CQC?
Have you ever wondered what CQC does with the information it receives?

Find out what CQC does with your feedback

SpeakOut newsletter
The SpeakOut network helps groups that are often not heard to have a stronger voice about health and social care matters that affect their communities.  Groups invite their communities to get involved in CQC projects to gain views on regulation and our methodologies and guidance.

Read the Spring 2013 SpeakOut newsletter

CQC bulletin for Healthwatch 
CQC’s bulletins for local Healthwatch groups provide managers, chairs and staff with an update about their latest activities, reports and information about the way they can work with CQC.

Read the CQC bulletin for Healthwatch

Latest news from CQC

Experts by Experience Procurement

CQC is seeking expressions of interest from organisations wishing to provide support for our Experts by Experience programme from 1 April 2014.

Experts by Experience (ExE) are people who have experience of using or caring for someone who uses health and/or social care services.  ExE take part in  inspections of health and social care services and visits to monitor the use of the Mental Health Act.  ExE also help CQC in other ways, such as taking part in consultations and staff training, and in helping  to develop ways of working.

Read more about the procurement procedures and to express your interest

Changes to hospital inspections

Professor Sir Mike Richards is bringing in radical changes to the way we inspect hospitals and is introducing the changes to 18 NHS trusts by the end of next month.

Read more about the proposed changes

Join Mike’s inspection army

Sir Mike Richards, the new Chief Inspector of Hospitals, is asking for clinicians, NHS professionals and members of the public to join his hospital inspection teams.

Sir Mike Richards said, “Today I am issuing a call to action for clinicians, NHS professionals and members of the public to join our inspection teams. We welcome people with a wide range of experience and expertise”.

How to respond to his call to action:
If you would like to respond to Sir Mike, please email:

Applications will go through a recruitment process. Successful candidates will be assessed and trained over the coming months and will join CQC’s existing panel of clinicians and Experts by Experience (members of the public with experience of care).